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MARCHVEGAS 19-22, 2015

This petition is addressed to the President and members of the US Congress.

We the people call on the US Congress to establish an official federal paid MARCHVEGAS 4-day™ holiday to all federal and state employees, workers, schools, universities, students, and student athletes.

This holiday is to commence the first Thursday and Friday of the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament and culminates through the weekend into the MARCHVEGAS 4-day™ Holiday celebrating the gift of education, higher learning, students and especially student athletes.

Make MARCHVEGAS a 4-day


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**Note to all Petitioners**
MARCHVEGAS.ORG will forward all petition notices to each petitioner’s relative Federal & State Legislators or Congressmen on a quarterly basis. Check back to MARCHVEGAS.ORG for updates on our progress.
Thank you for helping “Make MARCHVEGAS a 4-day Holiday.™”

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